Barcelona Cocktail Art

An exclusive section devoted to the preparation of cocktails.
Introductory training programme

Barcelona Cocktail Art

Barcelona Cocktail Art is a section where you can find new ideas and innovative products in the world of cocktails. Visitors and influencers can discover brands and meet exhibitors and professionals working in the sector in this country and abroad.An original space which features training, presentations, workshops, master classes and tastings, led by national and international experts in trends and sustainability.

Exhibition Area

Barcelona Cocktail Art (BCA) features an exhibition area dedicated to spirits and cocktails, where leading companies, new brands and great products are able to find new businesses and markets, expand their contacts and present their products and novelties to national and international professional buyers.

A space created for businesses in the cocktail and spirits sector, to reflect on the upcoming trends of the industry and support what will be the future of cocktails.

Activities Area

Barcelona Cocktail Art also includes an activities programme that promotes knowledge through lectures, workshops, masterclasses and tastings carried out by national and international experts; it addresses issues of sustainability and new roads, tradition and territory, as well as disruptive concepts that are changing the industry. Focused on the trends of the coming years, the programme is structured into three strategic themes:

Sustainability and territories

Topic by experts and referents who will talk about products of proximity, ethnic distillates, sustainability in bars and territory as a value of the cultural heritage it brings to brands.

Trends and new paths

Topics on sustainable innovation are addressed, with a look at the future and new trends in product development, technologies focused on sustainability in aspects such as packaging and democratisation in the production of spirits.

The future is green

A global vision of the spirits revolution: alcohol-free, ethical and democratic. Themes like the wow factor of the packaging and the new challenges of sustainability in the industry will be addressed.

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During the week of celebration of Barcelona Wine Week, Barcelona will become the epicentre of cocktails, integrating activities throughout the city that embody the concept of Barcelona Cocktail Art: bars conceived as spaces of creation and bartenders as artists, 80 cocktail bars come together to directly connect the consumers with the leading brands that are working together with Barcelona Cocktail Art to create universal concepts that include innovation, new trends and sustainability.

Bars and cocktail bars:

Sustainability Spirits Awards

Sustainability has become an imminent challenge in the spirits industry. The collective awareness of consumers has dramatically accelerated the process of change for companies in the sector. Barcelona Cocktail Art wants to value the effort and work of leading brands in the sector that bet on projects and disruptive actions related to sustainability and the new global agenda of sustainable development. For this reason, three trophies will be awarded aimed at highlighting the efforts of individuals, entities and projects in particular and a great prize for green and sustainable merit. The awards ceremony will take place on the afternoon of February 4th, in the activities area of Barcelona Cocktail Art.

green talent

Personal merit award, for people or entities with a clear visible image, who are working for the development, sustainability and improvement of processes, products, that are directly aimed at the reduction of carbon footprint, reduction of waste, etc. in the field of production of distillates, inputs for cocktails, development of sustainable plans within the bar, etc.

green company

Award to the merit of a brand and its distillery that is doing a conscientious work and that contributes directly to the reduction of the carbon footprint, to the improvement of a process with reduction of waste, to the implementation of products derived from plastic in disruptive processes, etc.

green project

Merit award for a specific campaign proposed by a person or institution, in the last three years, and that is focused on changing habits, implementing concepts, or presenting products, services with a focus on sustainability.

latam leader

Looking for the leaders of the future who are working on projects related to sustainability in the world of distillates and cocktails and who reside in countries of North, Central and South America. Candidate countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.