Interview to Javier Pagés, President of Barcelona Wine Week (BWW): “The trade show will project the quality and diversity of Spanish wine to the world”.

DO Cava’s president, Javier Pagés, is also presiding the new reference trade show of Spanish wine, Barcelona Wine Week (BWW). From this event he highlights the great opportunity which will be provided to national wineries to project the quality of their products and the diversity and value of their offer to the world. It also highlights the fact that BWW will bring together business, innovation and sensory experiences around wine in the same space.

How did the necessity to create this trade show emerge?

The wine sector has played a leading role in Alimentaria for years. However, the wine industry needed an independent space which would reflect an image in keeping with the reality of Spanish wine, as well as the work that Spanish wineries are doing. For this reason, it has been necessary to respond to the demand from companies and organisations in the world of wine by creating Barcelona Wine Week, an independent and disruptive platform which brings together business, innovation and unique experiences, with wine as the protagonist. In this way, Barcelona Wine Week is born with the advantage of Alimentaria’s experience, but with a unique vision that places wine at the centre of the showcase.

How does the wine sector have received this new proposal?

It has answered pretty positively. In fact, Barcelona Wine Week is a project of the sector and for the sector, unique in the current trade fair market, which aims to give visibility to the international potential of the Spanish wine. We invite professionals from all over the world to get to know the value and enormous wealth of our wines and we offer to our wineries a great opportunity to improve their exportations.

Barcelona Wine Week pretends to be the reference for national wines in front of international operators, to become a referent. To make this possible, it is linked to two of the most powerful brands in the country: Alimentaria Exhibitions, and Barcelona. In addition, it has the collaboration of the Spanish Wine Federation and the support of the main companies, DOs, institutions and organisations from practically all of the country’s wine regions.

What is the differential value of BWW?

One of the special features of Barcelona Wine Week is that it breaks with the traditional distribution of space, organizing the brands by quality labels, which allows the firms to express themselves better. In addition, it highlights the strengths of each territory (local wines, estate wines, designations of origin …), with an innovative design and great visual impact. A trade show such as Barcelona Wine Week, where the different DOs are highlighted, finally gives a global vision of the richness of the sector.

What will the professional visitor find at the event? What activities are planned?

Barcelona Wine Week is positioned as a meeting point where you can learn and do business, but also as a space where you can enjoy wine in a fun way. This change of direction responds to the demands of the sector, which asked for fresh ideas and informal initiatives, but without forgetting the academic side and networking.

In this way, the main stage of the activities will be BWWHub, which revolves around four fundamental axes: knowledge (pairing, tasting, etc.), culture (music, art or literature in relation to wine), digital transformation, and markets and networking. Gastronomy will also play a key role in the show in the BWWGastronomy space, where chefs from prestigious Barcelona restaurants will be preparing pairings and also include various activities related to wine and the Mediterranean diet. There will also be an important area dedicated to cocktails and distillates, Barcelona Cocktail Art.

Why is it being held in Barcelona?

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan and open city that prides itself on its diversity and, moreover, provides a context of outstanding attraction and quality infrastructure, to successfully showcase the great potential of Spanish wine to the world. Likewise, Barcelona is a safe bet, a very powerful brand.

In fact, during the three days of the trade show, we will promote the complicity of the different commercial sectors of our host city with the world of wine and the event, through the initiative BWW likes the city!

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