Barcelona Wine Week will promote wine-related sensory experiences

The first edition of the flagship trade show for Spanish wine will offer an attractive programme of activities to emphasise its relationship with culture, acquire new knowledge and experiment with different tasting methods. In addition, Barcelona Wine Week (BWW) will have a gastronomic space and an area dedicated to cocktails and distilled beverages.

Barcelona Wine Week, the main international business platform for the sector, will be held at Fira de Barcelona’s Montjuïc venue from 3rd to 5th February and will provide professionals with an opportunity to learn, be inspired, discover trends and explore the most sensory side of wine.

Marta Macías, Project Manager of Barcelona Wine Week, explains that the sector asked us for fresh ideas and more fun. In short, to show the more informal side of wine. And that is what we propose: a place to learn and do business, but at the same time to relax and enjoy wine from both its most academic and its most enjoyable aspects“.

Sensory activities

The BWWHub invigoration area will invite professionals to try out different sensory experiences linked to the world of wine – from artistic installations to musical tastings – and will also familiarise them with the latest trends through conferences, round-table discussions and training sessions. With these activities, BWW aims to strengthen the ties between the worlds of wine and culture, in addition to generating networking opportunities, updating and sharing knowledge and news of great interest to the sector.

For this, BWW will be fortunate to have the participation of prestigious experts, such as Master of Wine Almudena Alberca, oenologist Antonio Flores and somellier Ferran Centelles, among others. In this regard, Speakers Corner will host daily conferences with internationally renowned speakers on topics such as ‘Spanish wine in the world’, ‘The distribution of wines online’, ‘Wine tourism 3.0’ and ‘Excellence in the room’, among others. In addition, there will be different tastings each day for a maximum of 60 people at each one, led by renowned sommeliers.

In addition, music will accompany such evocative activities as wine tastings conducted in vineyards near the sea with habanera sailor folk songs and ’round’ songs (directed by a prestigious sommelier) and the four daily passes of synaesthetic sensory experiences with tastings. In this activity, each person will have a glass of wine and headphones that will allow them to listen to a series of melodies that will change the sensory perception of the wines tasted. In addition, the trade show will have its own music, which will be played through various channels and promotional media to create an evocative acoustic atmosphere that is a feature of BWW.

Women’s vision

One of BWWHub’s greatest attractions will be the Fabulous 50 by Women Wine Bar, an extensive self-guided tasting area that will highlight around fifty wines with a female hallmark. Each of the wines, carefully selected by a committee of experts, will be accompanied by a detailed organoleptic sheet.

Two artistic initiatives also led by women will appeal to the attendees’ senses in this multi-faceted space: on the one hand, Nika Lópezs spectacular installation Purple Horizon, with a suspended central piece made with organic materials from the vineyard that plays with the light and natural elements of the vine; and on the other hand, María Ortega will create a mural inspired by vineyard landscapes in which the attendees will be able to participate by writing with coloured pencils what emotions, sensations and memories this landscape conjures up for them, or by evoking a memory related to wine and their sensory experiences. In addition, visitors to BWWHub will be able to relax and find inspiration in a space set up to read wine-related literature.

Pairings and cocktails

The trade show’s gastronomic space, BWWGastronomy, will feature the Mediterranean diet and the nutritional value of wine, by means of original molecular, historical, both contrasting and complementary pairings of wine and food, made by the chefs of some of the best restaurants in Barcelona.

Additionally, the trade show will devote a generous space to cocktails and distilled beverages, Barcelona Cocktail Art, which will enhance the training and tasting sessions arranged by experts from this country and abroad. The three thematic one-day seminars planned in this area will be dedicated to ‘Sustainability of Regions’, ‘Trends and New Paths’ and ‘Back to the Origins’.

BWW likes the city!

In order to involve the host city in the event, BWW likes the city!, an off-site 360º action plan from which different commercial sectors will ally themselves with wine, will be launched during the trade show days.

Restaurants, hotels, specialised shops, unique spaces (wine cellars and shops…), as well as fashion, decoration and culture, together with the L’Illa and Las Arenas malls, will be involved in this initiative by offering tastings and various activities that combine wine and gastronomy.

In addition, Wine Walk Tours will be arranged, oenological routes in the main shopping districts of Barcelona (Illa Diagonal, Paseo de Gracia and Rambla Cataluña) so that the Barcelona public can enjoy the different activities on offer from the BWW exhibitors.

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