Sustainability, territory and trends mark the new edition of Barcelona Cocktail Art

Barcelona Wine Week will host this space for spirits

The space will invite reflection on the future of the industry through presentations by experts in the sector and will show a complete range of products in its exhibition area. Barcelona Cocktail Art, which is celebrating its second edition, is part of Barcelona Wine Week, the benchmark show for Spanish wine organised by Fira de Barcelona through its company Alimentaria Exhibitions, whose first edition will be held from 3 to 5 February 2020 in hall 8 of Fira de Barcelona’s Montjuïc exhibition centre.

Under the concept The Future is Green, the Barcelona Cocktail Art space will bring together, through a comprehensive programme of lectures and round tables led by more than a dozen professionals from the sector, all the industry’s innovation to become a learning space. It will also have an exhibition area in which new business opportunities will be generated.

Among the confirmed speakers who will be participating in Barcelona Cocktail Art are Óscar Díez, director of Wine Mixology, who will talk about the relationship between cocktails and wine; Oriol Solá, director of Food and Beverages at Marugal Hotel Management, who will bring attendees closer to the tradition and uses of sake; and Daniel Gutiérrez, archaeologist and consultant in Sustainable Development Strategies at Diagnosis Cultural, who will explain the value of landscape in products.

Also present in the space will be Javier Caballero and Sheila Osorio, founders of Alma, who will tell the story of this project, whose objective is to exchange knowledge through the drinks sector; Andrea Lorusso, who will speak about the art of using nature to create drinks with simple preparations, through the concrete example of ratafia; Ester Bachs, expert in strategy, marketing and communication of wines, who will dedicate her lecture to vermouth and other trends; and Lucianda Bianchi, director of the Galapagos Foundation, who will explain the success case of Muyu Galapagos, the first farm, forest and sea restaurant of these islands that supports organic production and the employability of women and young people in the hospitality sector.

Three thematic blocks

In this sense, the programme of lectures and round tables is structured in three themes. Firstly, Sustainability and territory, in which there will be talks on local products, ethnic and ethical distillates and sustainability in bars – with the example of premises located on islands. Trends and New Paths will be focused on understanding the past, while looking to the future and new trends. The Future is Green will offer a global vision of the distillates revolution, from non-alcoholic to ethical – taking into account their impact on the environment and communities – and democratic – with production methods within the reach of smaller budgets.

In addition, the space will host the BCA Sustainability Spirits Awards, which will recognize sustainability and responsibility in the beverage, distillate and cocktail-related products sector. The aim of these awards is to highlight the effort and work of firms in their commitment to disruptive and sustainability-related projects.

George Restrepo is the co-organizer of the space, through Coctelería Creativa, the leading website in cocktails and distillates in Spanish and one of the five most influential portals of the sector in the world, with nearly 200,000 followers. Restrepo explains that “sustainability is an imminent challenge for the distillates industry. The client demands greater quality in the products, information on their traceability, transparency of the processes, reduction of the environmental footprint and alternatives for new consumption needs”.

Marta Macías, Project Manager of Barcelona Wine Week, explains that “Barcelona Cocktail Art will combine business promotion with the more informal side of the cocktail and distilled spirits sector. Our objective is that this space will not leave anyone indifferent, thanks to unique contents and an innovative proposal”.

Barcelona Wine Week, a reference point for Spanish wine

The Barcelona Cocktail Art space is part of Barcelona Wine Week (BWW), the new event launched by Fira de Barcelona, through its company Alimentaria Exhibitions, with the aim of showing the world the economic, social, cultural, gastronomic and international power of the Spanish wine sector. The show, which will be held from 3 to 5 February 2020 in Hall 8 of the Montjuïc exhibition centre, will be organised according to the great diversity of production areas in Spain and will showcase the widest range of products from the various Spanish wine-growing areas, with room for all types of wineries and specialities.

Wine as one of the main producing and exporting industries of the Spanish economy, but also as a vehicle element of the territory, as an inspiration for art, as a sign of identity of cultures and landscapes, as a gastronomic and tourist experience. With this valuable proposal and the forecast of bringing together more than 400 wineries, Barcelona Wine Week breaks into the trade fair scene to rise as the largest meeting of the sector in Spain to national and international operators.

Based on a well-articulated concept with an innovative format, the new show, which is being proposed as the great Spanish wine fair, will allow both the quality of the product and the uniqueness of each brand to be enhanced. Likewise, a complete program of activities that proposes surprising sensorial experiences and promotes knowledge about wine will make the difference.

The city of Barcelona, involved with space

During the week of Barcelona Wine Week, the city of Barcelona will be involved with the activities of the show’s program through BWW likes the city! a 360º off-site action plan that involves the different commercial sectors, from restaurants to hotels, including specialized and fashion stores, decoration and culture.

Regarding the Barcelona Cocktail Art space, more than 80 bars will join the BWW likes the city! initiative, which aims to connect the end consumer with the cocktail and distillery industry through special drinks designed just for those days.

Among the premises that have joined this initiative are those of Jordi Reig (Coctelería Torre Rosa), Daniela Sanguinetti (Rara 39), Jerónimo Vaquero and Pedro Rodríguez (Boadas), Javier de las Muelas (Organización Dry Martini), Josep María Gotarda (Ideal Cocktail Bar), Juan José González (Caribbean Club), Santiago Ortiz (33 by Santi Ortiz), Julio Montero (Torre Rosa Cocktail Bar), Ignacio Ussía (The Alchemix), Mike Cruickshank (Xis Bar and Balius), Pablo Pelatti (Pelatti’s Vermouth), Ángel David Asencio (Dux and Konbe Bar), Lito Baldovinos (La Confitería Group), Xavier Pernía (Tandem Cocktail Bar), Pau Ritter (La Confitería Group), Enrique Prado Gamboa (La Higuera Bar) and Roger Rueda Crespo (Dr. Lizard).

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