Albert Virgili Hill

Co-owner | Democratic Wines. Xitxarel·lo Spain
Albert Virgili Hill


Think and execute graphic solutions for branding, naming and packaging. With a degree in Advertising and Public Relations from Blanquerna Ramon Llull, he is creative and responsible for very daring and original marketing and communication campaigns.


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The [visual] language of wine

Rafael Del Rey
Rafael Del ReySpanish Wine Market ObservatoryPresident
Albert Virgili Hill
Albert Virgili HillDemocratic Wines. Xitxarel·lo Co-owner
Maria Garrido
Maria GarridoWinery Martín CódaxMarketing director
04-02-2020 11:4504-02-2020 12:30Europe/MadridThe [visual] language of wine

Every year, the LAUS Awards for Graphic Design and Audiovisual Communication recognize the best graphic art projects. In this Wine Corner we want to give voice to some of the companies in the wine sector that have been recognized with this award thanks to original campaigns and with a great impact inside and outside our country; in addition, we also want to learn how the wine market has evolved from the point of view of the language used for its communication and dissemination, giving special emphasis on the segmentation of the public to whom we address our communications, and by which, we are forced to identify one type or another of language if we want to achieve optimal results.


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