Alejandro Paadín

CEO - Sommelier | Paadín Eventos
Alejandro Paadín


Sommelier. National Champion of the European Contest "Ambassadors of Champagne" and Champion of Sumilleres de Galicia 2012. Certified Trainer of Sherry and Cava wines. Member of FI Periodistas y Escritores del Vino and Vice President of the ASG.


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Galicia: Ancestral Root

Luis L. Paadín
Luis L. PaadínPaadín EventosCEO - Sommelier
Alejandro Paadín
Alejandro PaadínPaadín EventosCEO - Sommelier

05-04-2022 11:3005-04-2022 12:30Europe/MadridGalicia: Ancestral Root

Presentation and tasting of 8 unique wines from Galicia, by two of the most renowned Spanish Sommeliers on the international scene. History and recovery of the most unknown ancestral varieties of Galicia.

Tasting Area
Tue 5 11:30h - 12:30h Tasting Area 25€