Armando Guerra Monge

Director Vinos de Alta Gama | Barbadillo WineriesSpain
Armando Guerra Monge


Since 2008 he manages in The former family tavern, a space dedicated to the interpretation of the Marco de Jerez wines. In 2015, he joined Bodegas Barbadillo 
to collaborate in the context of High Range and new trends.


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Marine wines paired with seafood products and Habaneras music

Jordi Grau Segarra
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Armando Guerra Monge
Armando Guerra MongeBarbadillo WineriesDirector Vinos de Alta Gama
03-02-2020 13:3003-02-2020 15:00Europe/MadridMarine wines paired with seafood products and Habaneras music

Tasting of five wines from different points of the Spanish geography paired with several premium quality seafood products, and combined with habaneras and other round-trip songs, creating a unique and peculiar sensory universe, with its dose of nostalgia and evocations to the sea and to the old port environment, to the cultural mixture between America and Spain... Five commented wines and five songs specially chosen and performed live by the Arjau group . Marine wines would be those in which their proximity to the sea provides them with a unique imprint and a differentiated personality. 


Tasting Area
Mon 3 13:30h - 15:00h Tasting Area Paid activity: 25€