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Freelance Wine Strategist, Marketing & CommunicationsBarcelona, Spain
Ester Bachs


Master in Business Communication and Advanced - Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET).


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Vermouth, and new trends

Ester Bachs
Ester BachsFreelance Wine Strategist, Marketing & Communications
03-02-2020 15:5003-02-2020 16:35Europe/MadridVermouth, and new trends

If it is believed that the vermouth boom can not give more of itself, we were wrong: the appetizer reviled only a few years ago has become the fashionable drink nowadays. New vermouths and appetizers are coming to the market and have generated new offers of vermuterias, new ways of serving it and different novelties that take over the market and are exported. What's the latest in vermouth? We will discover the 5 trends that this sector brings us in 2020. In this talk we will be accompanied by vermouth producers and we will taste their novelties.

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How to differentiate from thousands of wine brands?

Manel Sarasa
Manel SarasaWine is SocialCo - CEO and founder
Marta Anguera
Marta AngueraCeller of MasroigDirector of Marketing and Communication
Isabel García
Isabel GarcíaVintae and B:water agencyCommunications director of Vintae and founding partner of B:water agency
Ester Bachs
Ester BachsFreelance Wine Strategist, Marketing & Communications
Richi Aramberri
Richi AramberriVintaeCEO
04-02-2020 11:0004-02-2020 11:45Europe/MadridHow to differentiate from thousands of wine brands?

Attention is the new currency in the era of noise we live in. If you want to be successful you can't pretend to go directly with the sale. You must seduce and offer value to capture the attention of your potential customers. We will talk about which trends and fashions leave their mark and the best success stories of the moment.


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