Jorge Cañamero

Marketing manager | Verallia
Jorge Cañamero


He has engineering studies from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. He has been in the glass industry for over twenty years. At Verallia he has held various positions and is currently the commercial and marketing director


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Reusing Bottles

Jorge Cañamero
Jorge Cañamero Verallia Marketing manager
Trinidad Márquez
Trinidad Márquez Spanish Wine Federation Environment director
Josep María Ribas
Josep María Ribas Familia Torres Climate change director
Margalida Ripoll
Margalida Ripoll Arrels Magazine Journalist Moderator

06-02-2023 11:25 06-02-2023 12:10 Europe/Madrid Reusing Bottles

Employing used packaging is seen as an option for the immediate future. Increasing prices of raw materials and the difficulty to access new bottles poses challenges that seemed unthinkable until now. We will analyze the pros and cons of the process of collecting, washing and refilling wine bottles.

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