Josep Pelegrín

Josep Pelegrín


Josep Pelegrín has been named best sommelier in Catalonia in 2014 and 2015, and chosen by the UEAS -Spanish Union of Sommelier Associations- as the best sommelier in Spain in 2016.He has worked in restaurants such as elBulli or in specialized shops such as Petit Celler in Manresa.


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Training the future

Xavi Nolla
Xavi NollaenoAula Director and Professor
Josep Pelegrín
Josep PelegrínSommelier
05-02-2020 15:3005-02-2020 16:30Europe/MadridTraining the future

Paper in which the key factors of the profitability and consolidation of a restoration business will be presented, based on the fact that, possibly, it is one of its most important points and another applied band: the formation and its integration in the philosophy and structure of the company. Empirical and real vision of the presentation and the future of the room.


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