Juan Manuel Bellver

General Manager | LaviniaMadrid, Spain
Juan Manuel Bellver


Born in Madrid, a journalist, writer, gourmet and quintessential music critic, dedicated to the wine and restaurant trade since 2014. In the 80s, in his musical stage, he was part of several bands of "La Movida" and was producer of several pop music singles.


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Pilar De Haya
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Federico Oldenburg
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Juan Manuel Bellver
Juan Manuel BellverLaviniaGeneral Manager
04-02-2020 12:0004-02-2020 13:30Europe/MadridWine & Rock’n’Roll

Did wine inspire Rock'n'roll or has Rock'n'roll inspired the world of wine? Probably both have been the reasons and therefore these two ways of living have always coexisted in a timeless, rebellious and transgressive brotherhood. Pilar de Haya Huarte-Mendicoa and her WD Federico Oldemberg and Juan Manuel Bellver, takes us into this passionate binomial bringing to light the secret passions of some of the most renowned rockers and their eternal passion and unbridled love for wine. Musicians who have brought their passion to wine, in the same way as for music, showing a great sensitivity also in this field. Songs that speak of wine...Wines that inspire to sing...


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