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Judit Carpio


Registered Patent and Trademark Attorney and European Union Trademark and Design Attorney. Her practice includes comprehensive advice on Intellectual Property for all kinds of companies and institutions. Member of the AGESORPI and COAPI.


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Wine trademarks and their intersection with Designations of origin

Judit Carpio
Judit CarpioPonti & Partners SLPIndustrial Property Agent
Francesc Olivella
Francesc OlivellaDirector and Secretary of the Consell Regulador de la Denominació d’Origen Penedès.
04-02-2020 12:3004-02-2020 13:30Europe/MadridWine trademarks and their intersection with Designations of origin

The brand is one of the most important assets of the wineries as it is the vehicle that allows them to communicate their customers and also consumers in general the quality, history and reputation of their wines and products. The brand is part of its identity and image and it is a very valuable business asset, which allows to differentiate from other producers and wineries. It is also a fundamental tool in its internationalization and export process. 

The brand, especially in the food and beverage sectors, is a particularly sensitive element, as it may be associated with certain processes of obtaining or the geographical origin of the ingredients and / or final product, thus being essential to provide the consumer with the maximum information on the origin and quality of the products and wines. This is why more and more restrictive legislation is being introduced in relation to the intersection between brands and designations of origin and geographical indications.

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