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Lluís Capdevila


We are a winery owned by more than 200 families who decided to work together more than 100 years ago. Our wines are protected by the Montsant Denomination of Origin. Marta Ferré is our winemaker and gets the best of our grapes using her technical knowledge.


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Ètim Syrah by Lluís Capdevila

Lluís Capdevila
Lluís CapdevilaCooperative Falset MarçàPianist / Cooperative Falset Marçà
03-02-2020 16:3003-02-2020 17:30Europe/MadridÈtim Syrah by Lluís Capdevila

From the origins of what we are, a cooperative, the project Syrah by Lluis Capdevila was born. 

Working together to achieve the same goal: to merge music and wine. 

The pianist Lluís Capdevila settled in Celler Cooperatiu de Falset Marçà for seven months with a grand piano, 2.000 bottles and 4 oak barrels of Syrah wine in its aging process. We wanted to know if music influenced the evolution of wine. 

So we count on our winemaker, Marta Ferré, and VITEC, the Technology Park for Wine of Falset, who monitored and determined that the wine had changed. 

The influence of music on wine has been noticeable. Do you want to discover the taste of our musical wine? We are waiting for you in Sala Princep on Monday, February 3 at 16.30. So that you can taste Syrah by Lluís Capdevila and hear some of the cellar-inspired music pieces played by the pianist himself. 

Sala Príncipe
Mon 3 16:30h - 17:30h Sala Príncipe Free access