Milagros Romero Torres

Oenologist | Bodegas Soledad- cooperativaCuenca, Spain
Milagros Romero Torres


A graduate in Biological Sciences, she works as an oenologist at the cooperative Bodega Soledad (DO Uclés, Cuenca), one of the first companies to obtain the Wineries for Climate Protection certification in 2016. 


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The wine’s future is decided by present strategies

Eva Plazas
Eva PlazasVilarnau, González Byass groupOenologist
Gabriela Benveniste
Gabriela BenvenistereWINE programmeSenior eco-innovation Strategist & Industrial Engineer
Milagros Romero Torres
Milagros Romero TorresBodegas Soledad- cooperativaOenologist
05-02-2020 11:0005-02-2020 11:45Europe/MadridThe wine’s future is decided by present strategies

In this table we are going to learn about projects that have sustainability as one of their main signs of identity; and we are going to do it hand in hand with professionals or authorities on the subject who can share their own experiences, successful or recognized nationally or internationally. This is why we are looking at Bodegas Beronia, recently recognised as the most efficient winery in Europe, as well as other wineries of the González Byass group, such as Vilarnau, which prioritise sustainable policies in all their winemaking practices; or why we want to learn more about some of the Wineries for Climate Protection such as Bodegas Soledad. We will also be interested in the Rewine programme, which encourages the reuse of bottles, with the aim, on the one hand, of reducing the generation of waste and, on the other, of saving some production costs.


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