Oriol Sola Ruiz

Food and Beverage Director | Marugal Hotel ManagementMálaga, Spain
Oriol Sola Ruiz


Kikisake-shi by the SSI (Sake Service Institute), the only institution offering this degree in Japan. He has worked in prestigious hotel companies. He has worked in cities like Barcelona, New York, Miami, Dubai or Madrid.


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Sake, tradition, production and exploitation

Oriol Sola Ruiz
Oriol Sola RuizMarugal Hotel ManagementFood and Beverage Director
03-02-2020 11:5003-02-2020 12:35Europe/MadridSake, tradition, production and exploitation

In this presentation Oriol will explain the tradition of this millenary drink within the Japanese culture as well as deepen the different styles of sake that exist today in the market and how they are produced. He will also talk about how certain wineries work with the community's raw material, be it water, rice or certain yeasts, and how all the leftover elements that are not bottled are used and how they are used to be able to affirm that sake production is barely It produces waste for planet earth.

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