Tom Matthews

Executive Editor | Wine SpectatorUnited States of America
Tom Matthews


Thomas Matthews joined Wine Spectator in 1988 as a reporter in the London office. In 1999 he became the magazine’s executive editor. He is the lead taster for the wines of Spain. Wine Spectator is the largest-circulation wine magazine in the world, more than 3 million readers.


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International vision of Spanish wine, an American perspective

Tom Matthews
Tom MatthewsWine SpectatorExecutive Editor
04-02-2020 13:3004-02-2020 15:00Europe/MadridInternational vision of Spanish wine, an American perspective

Thomas Matthews, executive editor of Wine Spectator, reflects on 40 years of experience with wine and culture in Spain. Matthews lived in Granada from 1978 to 1979; he bought and sold Spanish wines as director of New York restaurant wines from 1982 to 1986; and has reviewed thousands of Spanish wines over his 30 years as the leading roaster of Wine Spectator for Spain. He will use this experience to debate topics relevant to the Spanish wine industry:

• how the Spanish wine industry has evolved during this period;

• how North American consumers perceive Spanish wines;

• the role of communication media in shaping consumers' understanding and attitudes;

• how the media landscape is changing with the arrival of digital publications and the marketing of influencers;

• what trends are currently affecting the future of Spanish wines in the global market.

Conference in English.

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