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Mon 03
Conference | Barcelona Cocktail Art Climate Change Cocktails and spirits

Botanical sense. Ratafía: the landscape in a bottle

Andrea Lorusso
Andrea LorussoCollaborator in the Italian Aromatherapy Association
03-02-2020 15:0003-02-2020 15:45Europe/MadridBotanical sense. Ratafía: the landscape in a bottle

A project that is based on the art of using and respecting nature, creating beverages in a totally wild way, in a simple way in its preparation preserving the organoleptic qualities of the product.


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Tasting | BWW HUB Climate Change Territory

The Garnatxa and climate change

Pedro Ballesteros
Pedro Ballesteros
Joan Ignasi Domenech
Joan Ignasi DomenechTerra de Garnatxes
03-02-2020 15:3003-02-2020 17:00Europe/MadridThe Garnatxa and climate change

Tasting of 8 Garnatxa wines from different areas of Spain with Pedro Ballesteros, the only Spanish Master of Wine.

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Tasting | BWW HUB Climate Change Territory Trends

Ancestral varieties / Climate change

Miguel Torres
Miguel TorresFamilia TorresGeneral Manager
Mireia Torres
Mireia TorresFamilia Torres / Jean Leon Director of Innovation and Knowledge
03-02-2020 17:3003-02-2020 18:30Europe/MadridAncestral varieties / Climate change

The project to recover ancestral varieties is perhaps the most important that the Torres Family has developed over the last few decades. It is an exciting project that not only contributes to recovering our country's wine heritage, but also constitutes a possible solution for adapting to climate change. More than 35 years ago, Miguel A. Torres began the search for vines that would have survived phylloxera. Today, the fifth generation, led by Miguel and Mireia Torres, is strongly promoting this project with the aim of producing wines based on uniqueness and authenticity, which transmit our history and wine diversity. Of the more than fifty ancestral grape varieties that the Torres family has managed to recover, six show great oenological potential and aptitudes to face high temperatures and drought. They are Forcada, Moneu, Gonfaus, Pirene, Querol and Garró.


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Tue 04
Round Table | Barcelona Cocktail Art Climate Change Cocktails and spirits

The sustainable bar

Mario Villalón
Mario VillalónAngelita MadridCofounder
Raimondo Palomba
Raimondo PalombaAtelierBar manager
Pere Castells
Pere CastellsScience and Cooking World Congress BarcelonaPresident
04-02-2020 11:0004-02-2020 11:45Europe/MadridThe sustainable bar

Three visions to share experiences, recommendations, reflections on the sustainable bar. From the successful bar Angelita Madrid to the first Muyu farmhouse restaurant in the Galapagos Islands, through the Canary Islands and a bar that is at the highest international level. The sustainable and self-sufficient bar. 

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Wed 05
Round Table | BWW HUB Climate Change Marketing and communication Trends

The wine’s future is decided by present strategies

Eva Plazas
Eva PlazasVilarnau, González Byass groupOenologist
Gabriela Benveniste
Gabriela BenvenistereWINE programmeSenior eco-innovation Strategist & Industrial Engineer
Milagros Romero Torres
Milagros Romero TorresBodegas Soledad- cooperativaOenologist
05-02-2020 11:0005-02-2020 11:45Europe/MadridThe wine’s future is decided by present strategies

In this table we are going to learn about projects that have sustainability as one of their main signs of identity; and we are going to do it hand in hand with professionals or authorities on the subject who can share their own experiences, successful or recognized nationally or internationally. This is why we are looking at Bodegas Beronia, recently recognised as the most efficient winery in Europe, as well as other wineries of the González Byass group, such as Vilarnau, which prioritise sustainable policies in all their winemaking practices; or why we want to learn more about some of the Wineries for Climate Protection such as Bodegas Soledad. We will also be interested in the Rewine programme, which encourages the reuse of bottles, with the aim, on the one hand, of reducing the generation of waste and, on the other, of saving some production costs.


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Round Table | BWW HUB Climate Change Innovation Marketing and communication Trends

The wine industry is not sustainable. Do we make it sustainable?

Bernat Guixer
Bernat GuixerCeller de Can RocaResearcher at Celler de Can Roca (3 Michelin stars)
Sébastien Andrés
Sébastien AndrésViventions Spain and PortugalCountry Manager
Dani Martinez
Dani MartinezCeller de Can Roca (3 Michelin stars)Summiller
Arturo Montalvo
Arturo MontalvoPenínsula VinicultoresNational Sales Manager
05-02-2020 11:4505-02-2020 12:30Europe/MadridThe wine industry is not sustainable. Do we make it sustainable?

At present it is not very clear what sustainability is in the wine industry, whether it is a (bad) marketing tool, a challenge or an obligation. Those who apply it already in their business are the ones who are going to gain the most in the coming years. We will explain the change of business forever taking into account this approach of sustainability and innovation in favor of optimizing the environmental footprint of wine.  


Speakers' Corner
11:45h - 12:30h Speakers' Corner Free access
Round Table | Barcelona Cocktail Art Climate Change Cocktails and spirits

Wow effect, container and content

Xavi Luezma
Xavi LuezmaLuezma y VegaSpecialist in modern tableware production
Jose Piñeros
Jose PiñerosWorkshop Piñeros
Angel Salvador
Angel Salvador Cocina sin Límites S.L. - 100%Chef and 100%BarmanFounder and CEO
05-02-2020 12:5005-02-2020 14:00Europe/MadridWow effect, container and content

Container and content, the wow effect and sustainable impact

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