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Mon 03
Round Table | BWW HUB Digitalization Distribution Innovation

To be or not to be on social media: the digital wine market

Nathanaël Berbessou
Nathanaël BerbessouBodebocaFounding member
Jana Vives
Jana VivesVallformosaHead of Communication and Marketing
Frédéric Galtier
Frédéric GaltierDesembolicFounder
03-02-2020 11:0003-02-2020 11:45Europe/MadridTo be or not to be on social media: the digital wine market

How do we position our brand in the digital environment?

How do we understand and apply e-commerce in our wine business?

What is our ideal target for optimal sales, according to our company's definition? How do we design a campaign and/or marketing strategy to achieve our objectives?

In this debate we will answer these and other questions in order to offer examples of good and successful practices in the wine business.



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Round Table | BWW HUB Distribution Innovation Trends

Digital shops, new trends

Nathanaël Berbessou
Nathanaël BerbessouBodebocaFounding member
Lucas Llauradó
Lucas LlauradóVinissimusDeputy director
Oriol Ripoll
Oriol RipollDecántaloCEO
03-02-2020 13:0003-02-2020 14:30Europe/MadridDigital shops, new trends

The online wine sales sector has undergone a radical change since its inception, focusing on a segment that is gaining more and more followers every day and turning online platforms into a leader in sales and quality wine prescribers. The future of retail depends on who has a direct relationship with the consumer and online sales have a great advantage in this sense. Aspects such as AI, which allows us to know the consumer, and the improvement in the distribution network, contribute to the increase in volume. Round table where those responsible for the most visited online wine sales portals will offer us their vision of the future of the sector, new trends and top sales. When the time comes, we will also be able to find out how digital shops work and their constant commitment to innovation.


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Conference | BWW HUB Distribution Innovation

New vision of the wine consumer in Spain

Coro Ramos
Coro RamosOIVEMarketing director
03-02-2020 17:3003-02-2020 18:30Europe/MadridNew vision of the wine consumer in Spain

The Interprofessional Organization of Wine in Spain (OIVE) will offer a new vision of the wine consumer in our country, focusing on the reasons that lead the customer to choose a wine over other beverages, what are the preferred moments and how it has been changing its way of acquiring it. In this last aspect, the traditional distribution channels (hotel and catering) and other new ones, not studied until now and of growing importance, will be analysed, such as sales in specialised shops and wine shops, wine clubs, internet sales and direct sales in wineries, which can represent up to a third of the total consumption of wine in Spain.

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Tue 04
Conference | BWW HUB Distribution Innovation Internationalization Territory

International vision of Spanish wine, an American perspective

Tom Matthews
Tom MatthewsWine SpectatorExecutive Editor
04-02-2020 13:3004-02-2020 15:00Europe/MadridInternational vision of Spanish wine, an American perspective

Thomas Matthews, executive editor of Wine Spectator, reflects on 40 years of experience with wine and culture in Spain. Matthews lived in Granada from 1978 to 1979; he bought and sold Spanish wines as director of New York restaurant wines from 1982 to 1986; and has reviewed thousands of Spanish wines over his 30 years as the leading roaster of Wine Spectator for Spain. He will use this experience to debate topics relevant to the Spanish wine industry:

• how the Spanish wine industry has evolved during this period;

• how North American consumers perceive Spanish wines;

• the role of communication media in shaping consumers' understanding and attitudes;

• how the media landscape is changing with the arrival of digital publications and the marketing of influencers;

• what trends are currently affecting the future of Spanish wines in the global market.

Conference in English.

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13:30h - 15:00h Speakers' Corner Free access