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Mon 03
Tasting | BWW HUB Territory

Legaris: discovering the diversity of origins in Ribera del Duero

Jorge Bombín
Jorge BombínLegarisTechnical Director
03-02-2020 11:3003-02-2020 12:30Europe/MadridLegaris: discovering the diversity of origins in Ribera del DueroSala Príncipe
11:30h - 12:30h Sala Príncipe Free access
Tasting | BWW HUB Territory

Wines from Massís del Garraf: the value of the limestone

Rosa Aguado
Rosa AguadoCan Ràfols dels Caus
Marcelo Desvalls
Marcelo DesvallsFinca Viladellops
Biel Bartra
Biel BartraVega de Ribes
Joan Olivella
Joan OlivellaVins de Foresta
03-02-2020 13:0003-02-2020 14:00Europe/MadridWines from Massís del Garraf: the value of the limestone

El Massís is a unique territory in the Penedès wine region, with notable differences in geology, climate and vegetation. In this landscape dominated by calcareous soils, the grapes achieve a perfect balance that gives rise to wines with a marked mineral character and an excellent capacity for ageing. 

Sala Príncipe
13:00h - 14:00h Sala Príncipe Free access
Tasting | BWW HUB Gastronomy Territory Wine and music

Marine wines paired with seafood products and Habaneras music

Jordi Grau Segarra
Jordi Grau SegarraVins i Licors GrauWinemaker
Armando Guerra Monge
Armando Guerra MongeBarbadillo WineriesDirector Vinos de Alta Gama
03-02-2020 13:3003-02-2020 15:00Europe/MadridMarine wines paired with seafood products and Habaneras music

Tasting of five wines from different points of the Spanish geography paired with several premium quality seafood products, and combined with habaneras and other round-trip songs, creating a unique and peculiar sensory universe, with its dose of nostalgia and evocations to the sea and to the old port environment, to the cultural mixture between America and Spain... Five commented wines and five songs specially chosen and performed live by the Arjau group . Marine wines would be those in which their proximity to the sea provides them with a unique imprint and a differentiated personality. 


Tasting Area
13:30h - 15:00h Tasting Area Paid activity: 25€
Tasting | BWW HUB Climate Change Territory

The Garnatxa and climate change

Pedro Ballesteros
Pedro Ballesteros
Joan Ignasi Domenech
Joan Ignasi DomenechTerra de Garnatxes
03-02-2020 15:3003-02-2020 17:00Europe/MadridThe Garnatxa and climate change

Tasting of 8 Garnatxa wines from different areas of Spain with Pedro Ballesteros, the only Spanish Master of Wine.

Tasting Area
15:30h - 17:00h Tasting Area Free access
Tasting | BWW HUB Innovation Territory Trends

Wine Tourism 3.0, tasting the land through the social networks

Meritxell Falgueras Febrer
Meritxell Falgueras FebrerWine and the cityFree-lance
Anne Cannan
Anne CannanWine Cellar Clos FiguerasManagment
Adriana Ochoa
Adriana OchoaBodegas Ochoa SATechnical Director
03-02-2020 15:3003-02-2020 16:30Europe/MadridWine Tourism 3.0, tasting the land through the social networks

Wine tourism is highly instagrameable because it has everything to be a tredingtopic: food culture, oenological glamour, history and actuality, the spectacle of architecture, the inimitable of nature... Living it is a great experience, especially when using nets. Winelovers follow the nets to plan a trip or simply to live their experiences from the sofa. They become "fans" of images of wine-growing landscapes, wineries, wine. The sensations that live through a story, the desire that can provoke a post, is becoming more and more powerful than the visit itself. For this reason, wineries are betting more and more on their networks, on their images in Instagram, which awaken the senses of consumers. Without social networks there is no potential audience.  


Speakers' Corner
15:30h - 16:30h Speakers' Corner Free access
Round Table | BWW HUB Territory

The future of appellations of origin

Marta Vidal
Maria Naranjo
Maria NaranjoICEXDirector for Foods, Wines and Gastronomy
César Saldaña
César SaldañaC.R.D.O. Jerez-Xérès-Sherry y Manzanilla-Sanlúcar of Barrameda. General Manager
Sole G. Insua
03-02-2020 16:3003-02-2020 17:30Europe/MadridThe future of appellations of origin

What are the main lines of action and development of the DDOO? Where are they projected to and how do they focus on conquering new consumers and new markets? An open debate to answer these and other questions, to make known the future stakes of the designations of origin, the axes and trends on which they face the conquest of new markets and new consumers. A vision of the future on the aspects that make the wine with DO the central category of the sector, the one that sustains and impels the internal consumption and the exports. Some of the challenges that will occupy more and more resources and energies of the DOs will be identified: zoning; experiential marketing; new links with culture; new ways of guaranteeing origin and quality; involvement with land management; a more humane vision of the product; the value of origin as a pole of consumer attraction; or updating the concept of "natural market"...




Speakers' Corner
16:30h - 17:30h Speakers' Corner Free access
Tasting | BWW HUB Territory Wine and music

Ètim Syrah by Lluís Capdevila

Lluís Capdevila
Lluís CapdevilaCooperative Falset MarçàPianist / Cooperative Falset Marçà
03-02-2020 16:3003-02-2020 17:30Europe/MadridÈtim Syrah by Lluís Capdevila

From the origins of what we are, a cooperative, the project Syrah by Lluis Capdevila was born. 

Working together to achieve the same goal: to merge music and wine. 

The pianist Lluís Capdevila settled in Celler Cooperatiu de Falset Marçà for seven months with a grand piano, 2.000 bottles and 4 oak barrels of Syrah wine in its aging process. We wanted to know if music influenced the evolution of wine. 

So we count on our winemaker, Marta Ferré, and VITEC, the Technology Park for Wine of Falset, who monitored and determined that the wine had changed. 

The influence of music on wine has been noticeable. Do you want to discover the taste of our musical wine? We are waiting for you in Sala Princep on Monday, February 3 at 16.30. So that you can taste Syrah by Lluís Capdevila and hear some of the cellar-inspired music pieces played by the pianist himself. 

Sala Príncipe
16:30h - 17:30h Sala Príncipe Free access
Tasting | BWW HUB Climate Change Territory Trends

Ancestral varieties / Climate change

Miguel Torres
Miguel TorresFamilia TorresGeneral Manager
Mireia Torres
Mireia TorresFamilia Torres / Jean Leon Director of Innovation and Knowledge
03-02-2020 17:3003-02-2020 18:30Europe/MadridAncestral varieties / Climate change

The project to recover ancestral varieties is perhaps the most important that the Torres Family has developed over the last few decades. It is an exciting project that not only contributes to recovering our country's wine heritage, but also constitutes a possible solution for adapting to climate change. More than 35 years ago, Miguel A. Torres began the search for vines that would have survived phylloxera. Today, the fifth generation, led by Miguel and Mireia Torres, is strongly promoting this project with the aim of producing wines based on uniqueness and authenticity, which transmit our history and wine diversity. Of the more than fifty ancestral grape varieties that the Torres family has managed to recover, six show great oenological potential and aptitudes to face high temperatures and drought. They are Forcada, Moneu, Gonfaus, Pirene, Querol and Garró.


Tasting Area
17:30h - 18:30h Tasting Area Paid activity: 25€
Tasting | BWW HUB Territory

Tasting of wines from “Viña Bodega Masía”, simply our own vintage. A seal of quality with history

Ton Colet
Ton ColetSommelier
03-02-2020 18:0003-02-2020 19:00Europe/MadridTasting of wines from “Viña Bodega Masía”, simply our own vintage. A seal of quality with historySala Príncipe
18:00h - 19:00h Sala Príncipe Free access
Tue 04
Tasting | BWW HUB Territory

Birth of the Monastrell

Carolina Martínez Origone
Carolina Martínez OrigoneCRDOP JumillaGeneral secretary
04-02-2020 10:3004-02-2020 11:30Europe/MadridBirth of the Monastrell

DOP JUMILLA proposes a guided tour through the most important grape in the region: Monastrell (Mourvedre). – the origin-

We will propose a tour among one the oldest Appellations in Spain. Birth to the Monastrell, where high mountain barriers and extreme wheather conditions make our wines highly distinctive. Only Jumilla is Jumilla.

We will taste 4 wines awarded at the DOP JUMILLA Quality Contest, in the year 2019. The wines will be: A Rosé, 100% Monastrell; a 100% Monastrell red, Monastrell Crianza wine, showing the great potential of this great grape variety with 12 month oak barrel time, and a Red Sweet Monastrell wine. 


Tasting Area
10:30h - 11:30h Tasting Area Free acess
Tasting | BWW HUB Territory

News from Rioja

Pablo Franco
Pablo FrancoConsejo ReguladorTechnical Director of the DOCa Rioja Control Board
04-02-2020 11:3004-02-2020 12:30Europe/MadridNews from Rioja

To request an invitation, please contact: Carla Vidal ( )

Sala Príncipe
11:30h - 12:30h Sala Príncipe Only with invitation
Tasting | BWW HUB Territory

The uniqueness of the wines of Mallorca

Joan Arboix
Joan ArboixSanti Taura GroupSommelier, director F&B
04-02-2020 13:0004-02-2020 14:00Europe/MadridThe uniqueness of the wines of MallorcaSala Príncipe
13:00h - 14:00h Sala Príncipe Free access
Conference | BWW HUB Distribution Innovation Internationalization Territory

International vision of Spanish wine, an American perspective

Tom Matthews
Tom MatthewsWine SpectatorExecutive Editor
04-02-2020 13:3004-02-2020 15:00Europe/MadridInternational vision of Spanish wine, an American perspective

Thomas Matthews, executive editor of Wine Spectator, reflects on 40 years of experience with wine and culture in Spain. Matthews lived in Granada from 1978 to 1979; he bought and sold Spanish wines as director of New York restaurant wines from 1982 to 1986; and has reviewed thousands of Spanish wines over his 30 years as the leading roaster of Wine Spectator for Spain. He will use this experience to debate topics relevant to the Spanish wine industry:

• how the Spanish wine industry has evolved during this period;

• how North American consumers perceive Spanish wines;

• the role of communication media in shaping consumers' understanding and attitudes;

• how the media landscape is changing with the arrival of digital publications and the marketing of influencers;

• what trends are currently affecting the future of Spanish wines in the global market.

Conference in English.

Speakers' Corner
13:30h - 15:00h Speakers' Corner Free access
Conference | Barcelona Cocktail Art Cocktails and spirits Territory

Maps as a tool for change: Map of Barmaids & Related, a female and Latin American project

Laura Marajofsky
Laura MarajofskyMapa de Barmaids & AfinesFounder
04-02-2020 16:4004-02-2020 17:25Europe/MadridMaps as a tool for change: Map of Barmaids & Related, a female and Latin American project

In this talk, Laura will tell us about her project Map of Barmaids, the first platform of Gastronomic Female Empowerment in LATAM. She will talk about the situation of women in the beverage and gastronomy sector, will give us details about this platform, and deepen in human sustainability: how to promote a culture of self-care and health in gastronomy? First steps through the Healthy Gastronomy subproject.

Barcelona Cocktail Art
16:40h - 17:25h Barcelona Cocktail Art Free access
Wed 05
Tasting | BWW HUB Territory Trends

A tour of the best “Alimentos de España” wines. Tasting sponsored by MAPA and Alimentos de España.

Cristina Clemente
Cristina ClementeMAPA responsable de los Premios Alimentos de España Representative
05-02-2020 12:3005-02-2020 13:30Europe/MadridA tour of the best “Alimentos de España” wines. Tasting sponsored by MAPA and Alimentos de España.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA) is organising a tasting session that will trace the history of the Spanish Food Awards for Best Wine since its creation in 2013. Attendees will be able to learn about and enjoy some of the wines from the wineries awarded by the Ministry over the years.

Tasting Area
12:30h - 13:30h Tasting Area Free acess
Conference | BWW HUB Territory

Natural terroir, beyond words – Natural terroir, beyond words – the sommelier’s profession

Agustí Peris
Agustí Peris
Manel Pla
Manel PlaTerroir ChampenoisCEO
05-02-2020 12:3005-02-2020 13:30Europe/MadridNatural terroir, beyond words – Natural terroir, beyond words – the sommelier’s profession

Agustí Peris and Manel Pla are, in addition to two of the most recognized and deans sommeliers of our country, two great wine thinkers, interpreters of the word and the senses. In this paper we propose from their personal and professional vision, review the meaning and depth of the words used in the wine language, a parallel world linked to images and feelings where the philosophy of each mind creates its own reflection. Natural Wines, Terroir, Minerality, Salinity, Sulfites or Umami are some of the terms that will be put into analysis, valuing their current trend, visions and interpretations. It is undoubtedly a unique opportunity to assess from the reasoned, agile and cognitive exposition of Agustí and Manel, our communication, perception and hedonistic enjoyment of wine.

Speakers' Corner
12:30h - 13:30h Speakers' Corner Free access