Highlighting the quality of the product
and the unique features of each brand

An exhibition where the product is the centre of attention.
An event where brands gain value.
An innovative design with great visual impact.
A model that promotes equal opportunity among exhibitors.
Bringing together the traditional sector and new trends.
Over 600 exhibitors.


BWW highlights the value of the product and the characteristics of each area.

We aim to be a true reflection of today’s market, including all types of wine: estate wines, designated origin (DO) wines, regional wines (VT), quality wine with protected geographical indication (PGI), etc. More sustainable trends are also included: organic wine, biodynamic wine and natural wine.

Economic exhibition formats are available to encourage the participation of new entrepreneurs.


A space for wine-making groups, large wineries and multi-brand distributors, showcasing their character and identity.


Equipment, utensils, wine accessories, services and publications.

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