Highlighting the quality of the product
and the unique features of each brand

An exhibition where the product is the centre of attention.
An event where brands gain value.
An innovative design with great visual impact.
A model that promotes equal opportunity among exhibitors.
Bringing together the traditional sector and new trends.
Over 850 exhibitors.


BWW Lands proposes a journey through the country’s different wine-producing regions, highlighting each area’s rich wine growing heritage and singularities.
A sector where wineries are mainly organised under the umbrella of their designation of origin and other quality seals, under a packaged, turnkey format.

BWW is a true reflection of the market. That’s why we
accommodate all types of wines: Vinos de Pago (VP), with Denominación de Origen Calificada (DOCa), with Denominación de Origen (DO), Vinos de Calidad (VC),
Vinos de la Tierra (VT) and
Table Wines.

We also provide new entrepreneurs with affordable formats to encourage their participation.


BWW Brands highlights the history and identity of each brand.

A sector aimed at wineries, winery groups and multi-brand distributors who prefer a free-design corporate presence.


BWW Complements&Tech
showcases equipment, utensils,
wine accessories, services
and publications, with a freely
designed corporate presence.

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