An event where knowledge, culture,
experimentation and innovation meet

A unique multi-disciplinary laboratory.
An extensive programme of talks, tastings,round tables, training sessions, etc.
Unique sensory experiences in a dynamic environment.

The #BWWHUB is a dynamic area that invites professionals to live different sensory experiences linked to the world of wine – from artistic installations to tastings paired with music – and also brings them closer to the latest trends in the sector through conferences, tastings, round tables, training sessions, etc.

With these proposals, the aim is to strengthen the links between the world of wine and culture, in addition to generating networking opportunities, updating and sharing knowledge and innovations of great interest to the sector. It is considered a meeting point between knowledge, culture and experience.


A bar of 50 wines carefully selected, elaborated, promoted or starred by recognized national oenologists. The visitor can taste them freely, with the help of information sheets.

The access to this area is free.


The space where companies and wineries deal with the most relevant and innovative issues in the sector.

The access to this area is free.


Space reserved to enjoy the best tastings of the hand of great experts.

Some of the tastings have an access fee.