Much more than an event... a passion for wine

Learn from prestigious sommeliers, find out more about the synergies with gourmet cuisine and connect with the latest trends and innovations in the sector by means of a comprehensive schedule of activities.

The pillars of the activities programme

Spain, unique mosaic of soils

This year we’ll focus on the most unique soils in the wine-growing regions of Spain, revealing what each of them contributes.

Perfect pairing

Do you know what eno-gastrotourism is? Discover the synergies between the world of wine, haute cuisine and oenological routes


Digitisation, sustainability, innovation, internationalisation and markets… connect with the latest trends.
2023 Edition

The meeting point for knowledge, culture, experimentation and innovation

A wide programme of conferences, tastings, round tables and formative sessions

The last edition was focused on autochthonal varieties. Our goal was to give visibility and international projection to all these historical varieties, including both the more extended ones and the lesser-known, for their contribution to creating a winegrowing future that is both more sustainable and better adapted to climate change.

Edition 2022


A bar with more than 50 carefully selected wines from wineries present at the show. Visit the area for free with the support of experts and come to discover the magic of Spain’s variety of soils.

The access to this area is free.


The space to discover the macro trends of the secto

Conferences, studies, round tables, etc. that will deal with the richness of the soils of Spain, as well as themes related to innovation, technology and digitalization, sustainability, “enogastrotourism“, internationalization and current issues.

The access to this area is free.


Exclusive space to enjoy the best tastings conducted by renowned experts. These tastings will highlight the richness of the soils of Spain, a geology that has allowed us to find vineyards planted in soils that go beyond the traditional. We will discover the magic that the land, respected and well understood, brings to the wines.

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