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Great Catalan wines vinified in local tools

Ferran Centelles
Ferran Centelles elBullifoundation Historia del Vino Sommelier
Marta Sainz
Marta Sainz POTS CEO
Carles Llarch
Carles Llarch Carles Llarch cerámica Ceramist
Alba Balcells
Alba Balcells INCAVI General Manager
Toni Puerma
Toni Puerma ENOXPRO Manager
Assis Suriol
Assis Suriol Boteria Torner

06-02-2024 18:00 06-02-2024 19:00 Europe/Madrid Great Catalan wines vinified in local tools

The knowledge of wine in Catalonia comes from afar, for years we have created and innovated in local techniques and instruments for its production, not only in terms of the terroir and grape varieties, but also in the winery, resulting in great wines. In this tasting, directed by Ferran Centelles, tools produced in Catalonia will be discovered and how they impact the style of the wine will be tested.

Sala Príncipe
Tue 6 18:00h - 19:00h Sala Príncipe Free