David Zambrana

Head of Sustainability | Centro tecnológico CIRCE
David Zambrana


Industrial Engineer. Leader of the Sustainability Team of the Circular Economy Group at CIRCE Technology Center. Expert in LCA, HC, DAP in the wine sector. Member of the coordinating team of the European ECO-PROWINE project.


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“Cultivating a Sustainable Tomorrow: Experiences of Wineries with ECO-PROWINE Certification”.

David Zambrana
David Zambrana Centro tecnológico CIRCE Head of Sustainability
Ignacio Pastor
Ignacio Pastor Bodega San Valero Managing Director
Eugenie Van Ekeris
Eugenie Van Ekeris Grupo Axial Vinos CEO

06-02-2024 12:00 06-02-2024 12:45 Europe/Madrid “Cultivating a Sustainable Tomorrow: Experiences of Wineries with ECO-PROWINE Certification”.

The wine sector is already fully aware of the impact of climate change, because it is already feeling the consequences. Therefore, it is increasingly necessary that the whole process of winemaking is sustainable and respectful of the environment.  

In this event we will detail in a practical way what most affects the sustainability of wineries, as determined by the European project ECOPROWINE.

We also have to be able to measure that sustainability and communicate those improvement actions to our customers, and that is what sustainability seals such as ECOPROWINE from the CIRCE Technological Center.

The wineries will tell us about their experience, and how it has helped them in their exports.

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