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Of the hidden vineyards D.O. ARLANZA

Ramiro Garcia
Ramiro Garcia Arlanza Consejo Regulador President
Fernando Mayoral
Fernando Mayoral Sumiller

05-02-2024 10:30 05-02-2024 11:30 Europe/Madrid Of the hidden vineyards D.O. ARLANZA

The tasting presentation will be a tasting of the best ARLANZA wines from the most hidden vineyards in Spain. Smallholding, family viticulture, romantic viticulture will be the focus of the exhibition. Native varieties in the process of recovery along with ancestral elaborations will be the subject of tasting in this activity. Vineyards at more than 1000 meters above sea level along with a continental climate of Atlantic influence will be the unmistakable protagonists of the personality of the wines to be tasted in this activity. White wines, red wines and surprising rosés will be tasted and commented on by attendees.


Sala Príncipe
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