Fernando Mora MW

Winemaker Founder | Bodegas Frontonio and Arom Caves
Fernando Mora MW


Master of Wine 2017, first call. Noval Award for the best thesis of his promotion. Founded Bodegas Frontonio, 2010, Alpartir, Aragón. He makes wines in two projects; Frontonio Wineries and Arom Caves. He changed his profession to wine out of passion.


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Alternative aging, winemaking beyond wood

Fernando Mora MW
Fernando Mora MW Bodegas Frontonio and Arom Caves Winemaker Founder
Sara Pérez
Sara Pérez Venus La Universal Winemaker Founder
Dominik A. Huber
Dominik A. Huber Terroir al Limit Winemaker Founder
Javier Revert
Javier Revert Javi Revert Viticultor Winemaker Founder

07-02-2024 10:30 07-02-2024 11:30 Europe/Madrid Alternative aging, winemaking beyond wood

Tasting and round table carried out by four relevant representatives of the vinification and aging of wines without the use of wood. An unprecedented and first-class session, driven by the Master of Wine Fernando Mora, where we will learn in depth the different philosophies that have led these producers to vinify most or all of their wines, using unique and alternative vessels.


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