Jordi Puig

CEO | Tridenia
Jordi Puig


Founder and promoter of Tridenia, he is responsible for the new free skill for Alexa, Tasting with Merlot, for carrying out interactive tastings and other solutions to bring wine


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Artificial intelligence applied to the wine sector

Jordi Puig
Jordi Puig Tridenia CEO
Gonzalo Fortuny
Gonzalo Fortuny EY Partner Technology Consulting
Pedro de la Peña
Pedro de la Peña AYESA Technical project manager
Margalida Ripoll Ferrer
Margalida Ripoll Ferrer Journalist

07-02-2024 11:00 07-02-2024 11:45 Europe/Madrid Artificial intelligence applied to the wine sector

Artificial intelligence is deploying its full potential, also in the wine sector and in the entire process from the vineyard to the consumer. From precision viticulture, to wine sales, through winery production processes, AI is becoming an essential resource. We will analyze the implementation of AI in the sector and analyze the main applications.

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