Rafa Poveda

Rafa Poveda


Third of several generations of winemakers working in Monóvar who have defended and brought to light the great historical heritage of the area. Today as the greatest disseminator and historian of this wine.


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Historic Alicante cooperage: the repose of the Fondillón

David Carbonell
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Rafa Poveda
Rafa Poveda Trainer
Ferran Centelles
Ferran Centelles elBullifoundation Historia del Vino Sommelier

06-02-2024 13:30 06-02-2024 14:30 Europe/Madrid Historic Alicante cooperage: the repose of the Fondillón

Alicante is one of the historical areas in wine production, with a great archaeological, varietal and historical heritage. Among its great milestones is the creation of barrel formats, known by the name of Alicante barrels, or monoveros, thanks to a specific guild that lived in the city itself for centuries. Today nothing remains of that, but the work of winemakers in country houses and old facilities has allowed this heritage to be recovered. Especially thanks to the aging of Fondillón, this mythical wine that is kept silently for decades in the old cellars of the region.

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