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Shall we raise a toast?

Raise a toast in Barcelona

Barcelona is waiting for you to raise a toast to your business. The Catalan capital is hosting its first professional wine fair: Barcelona Wine Week.

Yes, that’s right, it’s taking place in Barcelona and we’re sure you can picture it: before or after the fair, there’s an entire city out there for your relaxation and enjoyment… A quality culinary offer, cultural events that compare more than favourably with other major cities, and retail attractions with their own distinctive personality and memorable shops. After a day’s business, there’s an entire city for sightseeing and having a good time.

Making the most of your stay in Barcelona is easy. The Catalan capital has one of the most vibrant culinary scenes in the world: a combination of traditional dishes, based on the Mediterranean diet and fresh market produce, and the innovation brought to the table by great Catalan chefs. Restaurants where you can dine in peace, with ever-surprising culinary creations, and mark the end of a successful day’s work… And where you can also enjoy the wide variety of wines produced in our region.  Can you think of any better way to round off a busy working day at the trade fair?

To help you organise your mealtimes in the city, we recommend the free Barcelona Restaurants app, so you don’t miss out on any of the great dining options, as well as Turisme de Barcelona’s official restaurant search engine .

The Columbus Monument, with its wine-tourism and wine information point, is the perfect place to discover our excellent Catalan wines.

Barcelona is culture

We’re sure you will have thought about visiting some of Barcelona’s cultural landmarks before you leave. The Catalan capital is synonymous with great museums and World Heritage buildings, which are the height of architectural achievement.

Barcelona has a diverse and exciting cultural offer, which includes scintillating concerts at the city’s leading concert halls. Make sure you check out everything the city’s dynamic cultural scene and leading lights have in store…

If you have time and want to enjoy more activities, we’ve grouped together the services and activities on offer in and around the city on our tickets portal, where you’re sure to find what interests you the most. For instance, you can tour the city on the top deck of the Barcelona Bus Turístic, and see it all in a few hours.

And we have a great range of shops too. Truly amazing shops! In the centre and all over the city. From the world’s leading brands to distinctive shops with their own unique personality and Barcelona style. You know the ones we mean. They always draw you in.

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