VIP Buyers

VIP  Buyers Programme aims to ensure the attendance of top-level national trade professionals. It is targeted to professionals in the wine industry, with purchasing power and from certain channels and professional profiles.

Who can participate in the VIP Buyers Programme?

Targeted to national buyers with the following profile:

  • Fiscal domicile: Spain.
  • Company activity: large distribution, wine chains, supermarkets chains, hotels and restaurant chains, wholesalers and retailers to the whole Spanish territory, e-commerce platforms.
  • Area of activity: The whole Spanish territory.
  • Buyers profile: General Manager and Purchasing Manager.

What are the benefits of participating in the VIP Buyers Programme?

  • Free VIP Buyer badge giving preferential access to the show every day.
  • Permanent access to the Buyers’ Lounge: a rest area, bar service, business centre and internet.
  • Dedicated service during the fair available at the Buyers’ Lounge.

Come as a VIP Buyer!

Fill in the following application form.

Barcelona Wine Week will study the applications to participate in VIP Buyers Programme and will validate those that meet with the aforesaid Organization’s eligibility criteria.

Do you have any questions about the VIP Buyers Programme?