Adriana Ochoa

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Adriana Ochoa


Winemaker (DNO) by ENSAT Toulouse and Technician in Viticulture (BTS) Bordeaux. She has been producing wine in Bodegas Ochoa since 2005. She worked in France, Catalonia and Australia. She has her own line of unique wines, Serie 8A. Nominated for Newcomer of the year in 2016.


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Wine Tourism 3.0, tasting the land through the social networks

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Adriana Ochoa
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03-02-2020 15:3003-02-2020 16:30Europe/MadridWine Tourism 3.0, tasting the land through the social networks

Wine tourism is highly instagrameable because it has everything to be a tredingtopic: food culture, oenological glamour, history and actuality, the spectacle of architecture, the inimitable of nature... Living it is a great experience, especially when using nets. Winelovers follow the nets to plan a trip or simply to live their experiences from the sofa. They become "fans" of images of wine-growing landscapes, wineries, wine. The sensations that live through a story, the desire that can provoke a post, is becoming more and more powerful than the visit itself. For this reason, wineries are betting more and more on their networks, on their images in Instagram, which awaken the senses of consumers. Without social networks there is no potential audience.  


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