David Robledo

Manager-Sommelier | Allard Restaurant, Madrid
David Robledo


National Gastronomy Award and Best Sommelier Gourmet Salon 2016. He has worked in the Santceloni restaurant (2 * Michelin) for 19 years, after his previous experience in Martín Berasategui, Zalacaín, Arzak or El Racó de Can Fabes, among others places.


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Classic or Trending, but Always Autochthonous

Ruth Troyano
Ruth TroyanoFreelanceJournalistHost
Giorgia Scaramella
Giorgia ScaramellaMarc Fosh Restaurant, PalmaHead Sommelier
Jon Andoni Rementeria
Jon Andoni RementeriaRemenetxe Restaurant, GernikaHead Sommelier
David Robledo
David RobledoAllard Restaurant, MadridManager-Sommelier

04-04-2022 11:3004-04-2022 12:30Europe/MadridClassic or Trending, but Always Autochthonous

Presentation and tasting of 6 great wines made with autochthonous grape varieties: some classic and others more current and trendy. Three renowned Sommeliers from the national scene, will give a tasting session from their own most personal vision and extensive experience, in which they will talk about the positioning and consumption trend in the restoration of wines made with autochthonous grape varieties, in recent years.

Tasting Area
Mon 4 11:30h - 12:30h Tasting Area 25€