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Santi Rivas


Current Spanish Champion in Team Blind Wine Tasting and leader of "Colectivo Decantado". His prose is usually shown in "Beber Magazine", "Sobremesa" or "Esquire", and his verb in the so called #Instacata60, which have allowed him to make his debut in El País or to appear in El Comidista.


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Winegang Party

Santi Rivas
Santi RivasColectivo Decantado
04-02-2020 15:4504-02-2020 17:45Europe/MadridWinegang Party

Tasting of wines selected from the “Winegang” lounge, through which we will explain what a wine has to have to be considered as #winelover.

Sala Príncipe
Tue 4 15:45h - 17:45h Sala Príncipe Paid actvity