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Xavi Nolla


Diplomat as a Sommelier in the EES and trained in viticulture, winemaking, wine and distillate production at different agricultural schools. Certified Wine Trainer of Jerez by the Regulatory Council of the DOs of Jerez. Trainer Approved by the Cava Regulatory Council.


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Training the future

Xavi Nolla
Xavi NollaenoAula Director and Professor
Josep Pelegrín
Josep PelegrínSommelier
05-02-2020 15:3005-02-2020 16:30Europe/MadridTraining the future

Paper in which the key factors of the profitability and consolidation of a restoration business will be presented, based on the fact that, possibly, it is one of its most important points and another applied band: the formation and its integration in the philosophy and structure of the company. Empirical and real vision of the presentation and the future of the room.


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