Mireia Torres

Director of Innovation and Knowledge | Familia Torres / Jean Leon Spain
Mireia Torres


 With a degree in Chemical Engineering, she studied Enology and Viticulture in Montpelier before joining the family winery in 1999 to manage the analysis laboratory. She is currently in charge of the Innovation and Knowledge Area of Familia Torres and also of the Jean Leon winery.


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Ancestral varieties / Climate change

Miguel Torres
Miguel TorresFamilia TorresGeneral Manager
Mireia Torres
Mireia TorresFamilia Torres / Jean Leon Director of Innovation and Knowledge
03-02-2020 17:3003-02-2020 18:30Europe/MadridAncestral varieties / Climate change

The project to recover ancestral varieties is perhaps the most important that the Torres Family has developed over the last few decades. It is an exciting project that not only contributes to recovering our country's wine heritage, but also constitutes a possible solution for adapting to climate change. More than 35 years ago, Miguel A. Torres began the search for vines that would have survived phylloxera. Today, the fifth generation, led by Miguel and Mireia Torres, is strongly promoting this project with the aim of producing wines based on uniqueness and authenticity, which transmit our history and wine diversity. Of the more than fifty ancestral grape varieties that the Torres family has managed to recover, six show great oenological potential and aptitudes to face high temperatures and drought. They are Forcada, Moneu, Gonfaus, Pirene, Querol and Garró.


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