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François Chartier


Sommelier creator of the science "molecular harmonies", based on aromatic synergies between food, wine and beverages. Winner of Best Sommelier in the World and two times of Best Innovative Cookbook in the World, with his own book Papilas y Moléculas.


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The Chartier World LAB Proves the Missing Link of “Terroir” Concept

François Chartier
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04-04-2022 15:4504-04-2022 16:45Europe/MadridThe Chartier World LAB Proves the Missing Link of “Terroir” Concept

The impact of landscape biodiversity on the aromatic profile of wines will be demonstrated, for the first time in the wine history, with the presentation of phase 1 of the molecular analysis, created by Chartier World LAB Barcelona and illustrated with the tasting of 3 wines.

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