François Chartier

President Founder | Chartier World LAB Barcelona
François Chartier


Creator of the science Molecular Harmonies, and founder of Chartier World LAB Barcelona. Winner Best Sommelier of the World (Sopexa 1994 Paris) and twice Best Innovative Cookbook of the World, with his book Taste buds & Molecules.


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Revolutionary fermentations by molecular harmonies

François Chartier
François Chartier Chartier World LAB Barcelona President Founder
Roberto Ruiz
Roberto Ruiz LOV Ferments R&D Director

05-02-2024 16:30 05-02-2024 17:30 Europe/Madrid Revolutionary fermentations by molecular harmonies

The fermentation process is a fascinating world that, thanks to empirical experience and science, allows us to explore new creative avenues to push the limits. This masterful tasting is presented by Roberto Ruiz Moreno, an expert in fermentation, and François Chartier, creator of the science of molecular harmonies and producer of wine, sake and beer. A creative duo like no other, taking you to a new aromatic universe with exciting new products that drive you a new creative playing field!


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